Music Lessons in Centerbrook, CT


Violin Karate for Beginners with Martha Herrle

Call for information on current availability: 860-767-0026

Sessions are generally 16 weeks, $350 (includes book) + $15 registration fee, $50 violin rental available

An achievement-levels based program of group violin instruction for children ages 6-8. Students will earn multi-colored “belts” to display on their violins by passing through multiple levels of proficiency. Using violin specific games and friendly competition students will learn progressively more difficult familiar tunes in the quest for the highly coveted “Black Belt”! Students will learn initially by ear, but note reading will be introduced early and encouraged. This class is meant to serve as a prelude to private study. A rental violin is available for $50 for the duration of the class.

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Martha Herrle

Martha Herrle received her B. Mus. Ed degree from Hartt College of Music, studying both violin and viola. She spent the following year studying string quartet literature at the University of Connecticut with the Laurel String Quartet. She is the founder of Goodwin Strings, a before-school group violin instructional program for 2nd and 3rd graders at Goodwin Elementary School in Old Saybrook. She also presents our weekly music program for the collaborative preschool students at Essex Elementary School. Martha is the founder and conductor of the CMS String Ensemble orchestra, which brings her immeasurable joy as a frustrated conductor, as well as the Chamber Connections and Violin Karate programs. Martha teaches Monday through Friday.  

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