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Music Technology for Your Creative Projects Workshop

9:30AM – 12:00PM
Ages 10+ and adults, for beginners/intermediate skill level

COST: $40

 For students who are interested in learning how to record, notate, compose, and produce music using today’s technology!

Students are encouraged to bring their questions and musical ideas to follow through with the details of writing and producing a song. Live performance is encouraged so bring your guitar, voice, any acoustic instrument you would like to record live. For keyboard students an 88 key digital piano will be available for direct recording to an Apple iMac computer. Three of the main programs used will be Audacity (music sequencing software), Sibelius (notation software), and GarageBand (recording, sequencing, and loops). The workshop will focus on the interests and skill level of the group and students who would like to observe and ask questions are also welcome. Information on midi files and other musical tips and tools available on the internet will be covered.