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The Carolyn Greenleaf Memorial Music Award

The Carolyn Greenleaf Memorial Music Award is a merit-based award open to high school students in voice or any instrument residing in Middlesex County or the Lymes. The scholarship is awarded to two students for the Fall Semester (September – January) and two students for the Spring Semester (January – June). The award provides a one-time 50% scholarship for a 17-week semester of 30-minute private lessons at the Community Music School.

This award honors the memory of Carolyn Greenleaf, a resident of Essex who was passionate about music education and who worked tirelessly to promote music in our communities. The Carolyn Greenleaf Memorial Award Committee has partnered with the Community Foundation of Middlesex County to establish the Carolyn Greenleaf Memorial Fund.

Who is eligible?
Students in grades 9 through 12 and who reside in Middlesex County or the Lymes are eligible to apply. Students must demonstrate their musical technique and potential via an audition recording, demonstration of commitment, and recommendation. The winning students agree to perform at a Community Music School event sometime during their tenure as awardee.

Download an application here for the Fall 2024 semester and submit by Friday June 21, 2024 at 5 pm.

Previous Award Winners:

Spring 2024: Karl Schilling, piano

Fall 2023: Annamarie Mueller, trombone
Fall 2023: Julian Mardjekaj, saxophone
Spring 2023: Matthew Serviss, piano
Fall 2022: Jason Berry, trombone
Spring 2022: Abigail Jones, oboe
Fall 2021:  Ella Brady, voice
Fall 2021:  Amelia Petersen, oboe
Fall 2020: Alice Pond, voice
Fall 2020: Nevin Joshy, trumpet
Spring 2020: Valory Willbanks, violin
Spring 2020: Joshua Davey, piano
Fall 2019: Victoria DiMartino, voice
Fall 2019: Campbell Toth, piano
Spring 2019: Arthur Masiukiewicz, piano & saxophone
Fall 2018: Catherine Malli, voice
Fall 2018: Isaac Manfull, voice
Spring 2018: Silvia Gopalakrishnan, flute
Spring 2018: Joel Quan, guitar
Fall 2017: Schuyler Dragoo, voice
Fall 2017: Caroline Wholean, piano
Spring 2017: Santiago Pacheco-O’Donnell, guitar
Fall 2016: Isabelle McDonald, piano
Spring 2016: Melina Roise, piano
Fall 2015: Arnold Moore, violin
Spring 2015: Richard Pittsinger, piano/voice
Fall 2014: Libby Ryan, oboe
Spring 2014: Donald Dione, oboe
Fall 2013: Indigo Carlson, voice
Spring 2013: Jenna Wilson, violin
Fall 2012: Cathrina Kothman, flute
Spring 2012: Sarah McDonald, violin
Fall 2011: Megan Doran, flute
Spring 2011: Andrew Satterberg, voice
Fall 2010: Henry Apostoleris, saxophone
Spring 2010: Natalie Urban, voice
Fall 2009: Mike Cronin, voice
Spring 2009: Lee Wagoner, violin