Music Lessons in Centerbrook, CT

Jessica Nevins

Jessica Nevins has been a life-long music maker; a journey that started dancing in her father’s arms and took her to Conservatorio Cherubini in Florence, Boston Conservatory and concert halls throughout New York and New England as a classical vocalist. She performed with WJZZ in Italy, New York Choral Artists, CONCORA and is a founding member of Music Makin’ Mamas. She found her way to a Music Together class with her first baby in Brooklyn, NewYork and never looked back. She eventually co-owned Music Together of Park Slope and brought Music Together back home to Connecticut in 2000. She is excited to join the staff at CMS near her home that she shares with her husband Joe. Her beautiful, musical sons Henry and Jack live nearby.

Jessica teaches Music Together® classes on Thursday mornings in the Spring Session and on Tuesdays in the Summer Session.