Music Lessons in Centerbrook, CT

Learning the Language

The BEST WAY to learn music?  Study with a good teacher (like the professionals at Community Music School) AND attend/listen to good concerts!   A few years ago, I served as a judge for a state’s High School band festival (somewhere else-I’ll withhold the name of the state). Band after band played, and I was to provide … Continue reading “Learning the Language”

Musical Heroes Part 2

In the last newsletter, I wrote about my musical heroes; professionals and students who dedicate themselves to music. Every one of these musician’s development has been nurtured by a special brand of musical hero: a teacher! These teachers, accomplished musicians themselves, dedicate themselves to helping others realize their potentials in music and life. Aspiring music … Continue reading “Musical Heroes Part 2”

Auto-renewal for the 2021 Spring Semester

Dear CMS Students and Parents, For those that we’ve not heard from, this is your friendly reminder that the Spring Semester is almost here and all Fall Semester private lesson students will be automatically enrolled in the Spring Semester in their current time slot. If you would like to change your lesson time or discontinue lessons after … Continue reading “Auto-renewal for the 2021 Spring Semester”

CMS Safety reminders

Dear CMS Students and Families, We’re all thrilled at the resumption, since Sept, of in-person musical instruction at CMS!  And, thanks to you, our faculty, and staff, everything has gone very well! We continue to coordinate our safe operations with the Essex Health Department.  As COVID-19 cases spike in our area, I write to re-confirm and re-commit … Continue reading “CMS Safety reminders”

“Back to School”

After a spring and summer like no other, many of us cautiously look forward to soon going “back to school” or “back to work” or “back to a routine!” Music activities and performances, however, will necessarily remain constricted at public schools and other organizations. Amidst all the uncertainly, there’s one thing for sure: we’re ready … Continue reading ““Back to School””

Thank you!

Dear CMS Friends, Now that the Community Music School is well underway with its fall semester, we write to THANK YOU for your support, especially during these past 7 months!  With your help we’ve sustained our beloved school through a challenging summer, and in September, re-opened our doors for in-person learning (in addition to our … Continue reading “Thank you!”

Finding the Groove

There’s a saying when playing music (or navigating life) about trying to “find the groove.” Musicians in an ensemble work to synchronize with those around them, which is more difficult when the  drummer doesn’t play with a steady beat, or plays crazy “hits.” Finding the groove in life seems more difficult when there’s a pandemic creating … Continue reading “Finding the Groove”

Musical Heroes

Ever since I was a kid studying saxophone, I’ve had musical heroes; at first, excellent saxophonists whom I’d seek to model, then composers, conductors, and eventually (as I learned to understand more and more about music) excellent performers of all types. I’ve admired those who’ve dedicated their lives to the hard work and sacrifice required … Continue reading “Musical Heroes”

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