Music Lessons in Centerbrook, CT

Musical Heroes Part 2

In the last newsletter, I wrote about my musical heroes; professionals and students who dedicate themselves to music. Every one of these musician’s development has been nurtured by a special brand of musical hero: a teacher! These teachers, accomplished musicians themselves, dedicate themselves to helping others realize their potentials in music and life. Aspiring music … Continue reading “Musical Heroes Part 2”

“Back to School”

After a spring and summer like no other, many of us cautiously look forward to soon going “back to school” or “back to work” or “back to a routine!” Music activities and performances, however, will necessarily remain constricted at public schools and other organizations. Amidst all the uncertainly, there’s one thing for sure: we’re ready … Continue reading ““Back to School””

Finding the Groove

There’s a saying when playing music (or navigating life) about trying to “find the groove.” Musicians in an ensemble work to synchronize with those around them, which is more difficult when the  drummer doesn’t play with a steady beat, or plays crazy “hits.” Finding the groove in life seems more difficult when there’s a pandemic creating … Continue reading “Finding the Groove”

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